Telemedicine’s Pain Point: Extra Time in the EHR

Telemedicine and time spent in the EHR have both skyrocketed since pre-pandemic times

Telemedicine’s Pain Point: Extra Time in the EHR
  • After the pandemic, the total time spent in EHRs rose to more than 10 hours per 8 patient-scheduled hours (PSHs); those EHR hours were split between time spent at work and after-hours.
  • More than 8 of those 10 extra hours were spent on documentation.
  • Time spent in EHRs (during and outside of PSHs) and time documenting in EHRs is linearly correlated with the proportion of encounters delivered through telemedicine.
  • Pre- to post-pandemic patient messaging increased: mean weekly messages received from patients rose from 17 to 30, and messages sent to patients soared from 14 to 30.


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