About CORRelations

CORRelations is a subscription e-newsletter that serves the busy, practicing orthopaedic surgeon by providing unbiased, ad-free, actionable information. Published most weekdays, CORRelations delivers subspecialty-level insights deriving from the most-practical, highest-quality evidence available.

CORRelations also keeps its readers a step ahead by providing expert interpretation of new federal policies that affect how practices run their businesses, and disseminating how best to implement efficiency-oriented innovations in practice. CORRelations is a publication of The Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons® and Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research®.

Areas of Focus

CORRelations is subspecialty-focused — like most practicing orthopaedic surgeons — and it covers each subspecialty every week as long as there is good information out there to report on.

Subscribers are invited to choose to receive as many subspecialty threads as they wish to read; there is no additional charge for selecting more. CORRelations covers all of the following subspecialty areas:

In addition, all CORRelations subscribers receive all of our general interest content, which includes general-interest clinical material but also actionable insights from experts in health payment and policy; clear visuals distilling major trends into meaningful charts; and, brief, practical interviews with leaders of high-performing surgical groups across the country about how to run more-efficient practices.

Fresh Content, Easy to Consume

CORRelations keeps you up-to-date with new content delivered straight to your inbox, with no messy layouts, no need to click, and no wasted time searching for what matters.

Grabbing a sandwich mid-shift? Breathe out, and refresh your mind with a quick insight from CORRelations.

Waiting in line at the store? Get a useful professional update in seconds with CORRelations.

For the Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon

CORRelations gives you what you need to thrive both clinically and financially in a fast-paced, subspecialized orthopaedic practice. Its quick-hits format is easy to consume on the go. No algorithms, no marketing, no industry or society pitches, and no commercially driven newsfeeds. Everything you need, and only what you need, to give your patients the best, and run your practice efficiently.

Editors and Publishers


  • Seth S. Leopold, MD
    Dr. Leopold is the founder and editor-in-chief of CORRelations, as well as the editor-in-chief of Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research®. An arthroplasty surgeon by training, he’s spent the last 20 years developing critical appraisal tools for orthopaedic surgeons. His passion for getting the right information in front of the right audiences in the right formats, and his ability to help people get the most from what they read in orthopaedic journals, motivated him to create CORRelations — built for busy, practicing orthopaedic surgeons.

Editorial Advisors

Jaimo Ahn, MD — Fractures/Trauma
Brian Gilmer, MD — Arthroscopy/Sports
Greg Guyton, MD — Foot & Ankle
Desirae McKee, MD — Hand
Charlie Reitman, MD — Spine


Julie Barnes, JD — Practical Economics
Douglas W. Lundy, MD, MBA – What Now?
Maggie Shi, MS — Chart of the Week
Montri D. Wongworawat, MD — Chart of the Week

Director of Editorial Operations

Colleen E. Briars, ELS

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