The Latest on Suture Repair of Certain ACL Tears

Exciting topic, but we don't share the authors' enthusiasm for the novel approach

Editor’s Note: Sometimes at CORRelations, we’ll cover an article we think is likely to cross your desk, but is one whose message we have reservations about. Here’s one. — SSL

What’s the Claim?

A prospective, nonrandomized trial compared patients who underwent suture-augmented ACL repair with conventional ACL reconstruction. At 2 years, there were no between-group differences in any outcome score (KOOS, Tegner, or WOMAC) nor in KT-1000 testing results. The suture-repair group had better outcomes scores at 3 and 6 months, suggesting an easier recovery, but the differences did not persist beyond that point.

  • 10% of the patients in the suture-repair group re-ruptured compared with none in the reconstruction group
    • This was a no-difference statistical finding, which is an important issue

How’s It Stack Up?