The 12 Practice-changing Posts of Christmas

Spotlighting a dozen findings from 2023 that we considered practice-changing

“On the first day of Christmas, CORRelations brought to me . . .”

We’ll spare you the song and deliver instead our first dose of holiday cheer in the form of the 12 CORRelations posts — two per subspecialty area — we thought were most immediately practice-changing. For those of you who celebrate Kwanzaa, Chanukah, or just the fact that the days are getting a little longer instead of shorter, we trust you’ll forgive the specific holiday reference. ’Tis the season, after all.

Next week, we’ll share the 12 most-read posts of the year, again two per specialty, as well as our most-read features from 2023. With a few exceptions, we’ll be taking a break during this season, and will be back full steam ahead starting in January.

In all of these, for reasons of space, we’ll limit the coverage to one or two interesting bits here to tease the content, so be sure to read the full linked CORRelations posts, since, as our readers know, CORRelations isn’t a journal scan — it’s all about the context we share (“How’s It Stack Up?”) and the practical implementation suggestions we offer (“What’s Our Take?”).

Happy holidays from the CORRelations team.


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