THA for Femoral Neck Fracture — What Now?

We can be reassured that a hemi is fine for those of us who aren't high-volume THA surgeons

A recent study covered thoughtfully in CORRelations validated the practice of thousands of orthopaedic surgeons across the country who care for older patients with femoral neck fractures but who aren’t hip arthroplasty specialists.

How many times have you asked yourself, “I’m much more comfortable doing a hemiarthroplasty, but am I doing this patient a disservice by not doing a total hip instead?”

While our high-volume THA partners can do total hips for this indication with relative ease, most of the rest of us have a gut feeling that the patient will be less likely to have a complication in our hands if we perform a hemiarthroplasty instead.

We all want to place the patient’s interests first. It’s nice to know that the outcome is likely to be similar in most situations, so we can take comfort in performing the surgical procedure at which we are most skillful.

For most of us, that’s a hemi, and we now can point to a source showing that’s just fine.