Skin Prep Wars — We Have a Winner

A landmark RCT finally answers an age-old question, with data from orthopaedic procedures for once!

Skin Prep Wars — We Have a Winner

What’s the Claim?

A landmark RCT published in NEJM found that Duraprep (0.7% iodine povacrylex in 74% isopropyl alcohol) beat ChloraPrep (2% chlorhexidine gluconate in 70% isopropyl alcohol) in terms of reducing surgical site infections after surgery for closed extremity fractures (2.4% versus 3.3%, odds ratio 0.74).

In terms of real-world efficacy, that’s about one fewer infection per 100 procedures performed.

The prep solutions did not differ in terms of infection prevention in patients with open fractures, nor in terms of adverse events.

How’s It Stack Up?