Life Expectancy Has Yet to Fully Recover From the Pandemic

While life expectancy has rebounded, more than a decade of gains still hasn't been recovered

  • Life expectancy fell during the pandemic, and while it rebounded, it remains far below pre-pandemic highs.
  • Disparities remain in life expectancy after post-pandemic recoveries (Asian: 84.5 years, Hispanic: 80.0 years, White: 77.5 years, Black: 72.8 years, American Indian Alaska Native: 67.9 years).
  • Contributions of leading causes of death to change in life expectancy from 2021-2022 varied by race and ethnicity: American Indian, Alaska Native, and Hispanic groups had the highest contributions from unintentional injuries, Blacks were most negatively affected by perinatal conditions, and Asians by kidney disease.


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