Introducing CORRelations

An e-newsletter designed for the busy orthopaedic surgeon

Introducing CORRelations

Almost 90% of orthopaedic surgeons in the United States work in non-academic settings. With that in mind, the staff at Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® created CORRelations, an e-newsletter designed to give the fast-moving surgeon expert insights in 90 seconds or less.

Coming straight to the inbox most weekdays, CORRelations provides private practitioners with what they are looking for in an information source: quick-hit, subspecialty-focused, actionable intel on practical topics that help the reader get through their busy lives—professional and personal—faster and better.

Its main sections are:

  • Need to Know — Expert takeaways on the most practical articles in each subspecialty, each week. It answers three key questions: What’s the Claim, How’s It Stack Up, and What’s Our Take?
  • Practical Economics — Don’t-miss weekly insights about how changes from Washington, DC will affect how your practice earns money next year, written by our veteran policy analyst, Julie Barnes, who has three decades of inside-the-beltway experience.
  • The Efficient Practice — Game-changing innovations that have delivered for practices across the country.
  • Chart of the Week — A weekly graphic with a key message on an essential topic, because sometimes, a beautiful image is worth many, many words.

CORRelations arose from feedback from surveys and interviews with hundreds of private-practicing orthopaedic surgeons across the United States. We’ve consistently heard that those surgeons know what they want to do, they do it well, and they want to do it even more efficiently.

Clinicians practicing in these settings know that good information supports good decision-making, but any useful information source must help alleviate the pressures they face. It needs to be trustworthy, specific, practical, current, and responsive of the fact that most surgeons are subspecialty-focused. It needs to recognize that private-practicing surgeons make clinical and business decisions. It also needs to be brief. CORRelations delivers in all those ways.

We look forward to serving a new audience with CORRelations, and — of course — to learning from that audience about how we can meet their needs most effectively.