Inside “Chart of the Week”

Two talents — one an orthopaedic surgeon, the other a data visualization designer — collaborate on this weekly feature in CORRelations

From its inception, the editorial staff and product development team at CORRelations have been working on how to integrate infographics. Following iterative testing and considerable refinement, we opted for a weekly feature, “Chart of the Week,” which is published every Friday.

We’re happy to report that these neat infographics are avidly consumed by CORRelations readers, with high open rates, and frequent “shares” on social media. (Thanks for those, and keep it up!)

I thought you might want to know a bit about how the sausage is made. Our “Chart of the Week” team is Montri (Danny) Wongworawat, MD, and Maggie Shi. Danny is a hand surgeon at Loma Linda University with a serious artistic side, and Maggie is a professional data visualization designer from San Francisco. Together, Danny and Maggie work with the editorial team at CORRelations to identify sources of interesting and relevant data, distill these down to key points for visualization and secondary points to be listed out as extensions and elaborations, and then prepare each weekly entry.

The results have been strong so far, and as the team works together, we’re learning to better identify interesting facts and figures, integrate these into meaningful graphics, and bring these to you every week.

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Seth Leopold, MD