Free AI-based Innovations to Improve Your Practice’s Internet Presence

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CORRelations staff regularly visits with leaders at efficient practices to learn about the innovations, modifications, or upgrades that have made big differences.

This week, CORRelations spoke with Brian Gilmer, MD, who practices in two locations, the Swift Institute (a multispecialty musculoskeletal group) in Reno, NV, and the Mammoth Orthopedic Institute (a small hospital-based orthopaedic group) in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Dr. Gilmer also is CORRelations’ adviser in Arthroscopy & Sports.

CORRelations: What’s been the biggest game-changer for your practice in the last year or two?

Brian Gilmer, MD: I’m excited about some newer web-based approaches we’ve used to deliver key information to patients who are geographically dispersed because I cover clinics in multiple, distant locations.

Travel clinics have been a boon for us. Having an expanded practice with travel clinic locations helps capture a larger subspecialty population, particularly in less-densely populated areas like the intermountain west. But balancing a practice that crosses state lines and involves a variety of practice settings can be confusing for patients, so it requires some staff-level coordination. To alleviate this, we created an individual website for my practice that has a few novel features

In addition to things like physical therapy protocols, postoperative instructions, insurance information, and contacts for office staff at our various practice locations, we created a knee-specific section called the Encyclo’KNEE’dia. In it, we used content from a combination of medical students performing literature reviews and the AI platform DocsGPT from Doximity, which is free to users who already have a Doximity account. This allowed us to create content that was deeper and more specific for those patients who are interested in my specific approaches to certain implants or techniques. [Editor’s note: CORRelations previously covered an article showing how ChatGPT can be used to make your patient handouts easier for patients to read, particularly for those who read at the middle- or high-school level, which turns out to be most patients.]

CORRelations: Why are you so excited about it?