A New, Patient-focused Approach to Immediate Care

A thoughtful service line addition has garnered one Chicagoland practice $10 million/year

This week, CORRelations spoke with Ms. Melody Winter-Jabeck, Regional Executive Director at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute. With more than 150 physicians in every orthopaedic specialty (as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and imaging services), and more than 50 locations in and around Chicago, the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute is the largest orthopaedic group practice in Illinois.

CORRelations: What’s been the biggest game-changer for your practice in the last year or two?

Melody Winter-Jabeck: One of the most important areas of focus has been to recognize the true value of our immediate care service line, OrthoAccess, and maximize its positive impact to the organization. What started as a sideline designed to lure patients away from local emergency rooms has become a significant source of revenue, new patients, and market relevance. This arose from a clear-eyed look at our competition, assessments of what patients were responding to and asking for, and the realities of the modern healthcare marketplace.

CORRelations: Why are you so excited about it?