PHTI Assessment of Virtual MSK Solutions

A nonprofit that evaluates healthcare technology made three recommendations about novel physical therapy approaches – have you seen them?

PHTI Assessment of Virtual MSK Solutions


The Peterson Health Technology Institute (PHTI), a nonprofit organization that conducts independent evaluations of healthcare technology, assessed the clinical effectiveness and economic impact of three types of virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) solutions. Designed to improve pain and functional status for people with a range of MSK disorders, the virtual MSK solutions fall into three categories: app-based exercise therapy solutions, physical therapist–guided solutions, and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM)–augmented PT solutions. In general, PHTI determined that all virtual MSK solutions deliver meaningful improvements in pain and function; however, each type of solution should be considered in different scenarios, according to the organization.


PHTI released its report on June 5, 2024.

Key Highlights